The Most Important Integration Blog Post Ever

Never have time to go to the Integration blog because there are twenty-five other things you have on your to-do list?

Have a niggling tech problem that you know know is easily solved?

Well, have the solutions come to you! Subscribe to the blog’s Email distribution list. You can see the link in the upper right of blog’s homepage, 

or simply click this link. Each time there is a new entry on the Integration blog it will be emailed to you. In an instant , you can determine if the post is relevant by viewing the short summary or if you can ignore the post.

You may want to  consider using this on your own site as well. Parents and students could subscribe and receive email updates as well.

Check some examples of how Email subscriptions to blog posts are working.

Via MenuBar

As a widget

As a button

An upcoming post will show you how to set an Email subscription to your blog posts.

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