Comic Life

Comic Life is software that is available for both PC and MAC.  It allows you to use pictures/images to  easily create a comic strip that includes a comic layout, speech bubbles, and text boxes.  This program is so simple to use.  If you are able to ‘drag comic_life-769919and drop’ then you will be able to create a comic using Comic Life.  Check out some examples.

First, you will need to add a template to the blank page.  Choose from the template library.  Next, you will need to add pictures to the template.  Use the finder to locate your saved photos/images.  Then you just have to drag and drop them into the picture boxes.  You can change the style of the picture as well!  You will want to lock your picture boxes in place.  To do this, right click on the image and choose lock . Then you are ready to add speech bubbles and text boxes.  Use the lettering to add fun titles.  Remember that you can change the style of the speech bubbles, textboxes, and lettering by selecting ‘style’ on the toolbar.  When you have finished your comic be sure to save it in a format other than just a comic document.  To do this, go to File>Print>PDF  You will see several different formats to choose from.  Comics can then be added to your blog, Prezis or other documents.

Teachers at ISM are able to get a copy of Comic Life on their home computer for planning purposes.  Please contact me, for further information on getting your own copy of Comic Life or if you have any questions about using Comic Life.