Twitter in ES

Quite a few classes in elementary school here at ISM are using twitter as another way to communicate with the world. The classes that are tweeting are using one joint class twitter account and allowing the students in the class to take turns writing tweets throughout the day. The tweets focus on the learning happening both in the homeroom class and the learning that happens in specialists classes. Parents and others interested can follow the class tweets on twitter or by visiting the blog, where there is a twitter feed placed in the sideboard. see image below

We are finding that the students want to write on twitter because they know their words will be on the web for others to see. Having a real audience gives writing a purpose and gives the students  a voice.

Some thoughts:

-students write tweets, teachers handle the social aspect of following other tweeters

-gives teachers many teachable moments on appropriate language, spelling and grammar. We are also learning when and how to use ‘text speak’.

-many reluctant writers find writing on twitter less intimidating so they are willing to take risks with their writing

-we are beginning to connect with other tweeters across the school and across the world, including other classes & authors

Example of the twitter feed on an ISM blog: