Email Strategies — Part I — Archiving Email In Outlook

Before archiving email you should decide on one computer that you will always archive your email too. Once you have decided upon this computer do the following:First, Outlook archives from the folder you have currently selected in the folder pane. This is important, to make things easy select the top level folder in the Outlook Pane that corresponds to your entire email account. In my case this is “Mailbox – Chadwick, Matthew”
On the File Menu Select Archive

You will now be presented with this dialogue:
Select the option button that says Archive this folder and all subfolders.  Then, make sure your mailbox is selected.  For the Archive items older than:  put a date that is roughly 2 months prior to the current date.Now onto the Archive file.  I recommend creating 1 archive file per school year.  I’ve created a directory on my computer called EmailArchive.  After three years of service at ISM this folder will have three files, one for each school year. In short, browse to where you want to store your archive file and then name the archive.  Mine is called SchoolYear0910.  Once you click OK you’ll notice a moving icon at the lower right of Outlook.  This signifies that the archiving is in process.
Let’s say you selected to archive email before November 15, 2009.  You might notice that after the archiving process has finished that some emails still exist in your inbox that are older than November 15, 2009.  This is because these emails probably had replies that occurred after the November 15 date.  I suspect this is to keep entire email “threads” either alive in your inbox or archived but not split between the two. In short, if the above makes no sense as long as outlook archives a large percentage of the email older than the date you specify then accept it and move on with your life.   Theoretically Windows XP can ‘Multi-Task’ however I would not do much on your computer while archiving, especially if this is your first time archiving email.You are finished archiving until later in the future when you receive an email in your inbox like the one below.
When you receive this email, wait to archive email again until you are at the specific computer you designated to archive your email too.  Then repeat the steps above.
WARNING – When you see the dialogue box below, please, please don’t click yes!  You don’t want Microsoft to “AUTO” do anything for you.   What if you’re on a shared computer?  In short, always archive your email manually, ideally when your not in a hurry, too your designated computer.  You don’t want your archived email on five different computers!
If you need help with these steps on your teacher machine simply email any of the technology integrators.