HIGH SCHOOL: WordPress Wednesday

Hey there High School teachers:

There have been some room changes tomorrow, those listed below are correct. Head to one for a 7.20 start.

(Make sure you sign the sheet.)

3030 & 2067

Level 1 –  Blogging Core Competencies.

This session will be aimed at those who have yet to undergo any training from myself or Brandon and who have no experience with WordPress. As this is likely to be the largest group, we will be splitting into two Labs 3030 & 2067.

Topics covered:

  • Introduction to the dashboard
  • How to change your password
  • How to add a title and tagline
  • How to add post and pages and understand the difference between posts and pages
  • How to monitor comments
  • How to navigate blogs and understand the structure
  • How to add content (text, pictures, videos, & widgets)


Level 2 – Towards Blog Literacy

This session is for people who feel comfortable with the basics covered in Level 1 and want to start using the blog more effectively. It will take place in Lab 1086.

Topics covered:

  • How to add content (text, pictures, videos, & widgets)
  • Plugins, Widgets & Themes –  What are they and how will they work
  • More on categories and tags, pages and posts.
  • How to add users to a blog (multi-user blogs)


Level 3 – Teaching with Blogs

This session is for individuals or teams who have spent some time setting up their own blogs already and want to get some more good ideas and see what other teachers are doing. Only those who have attended a Level 1 or 2 session may attend this session. It will take place in Lab 1082 but may well move on from there. If you intend on choosing this option, could you must email me and let me know what you are planning.

Topics Covered:

  • This is what would be called a “job alike” session at a conference. See what your peers are up to and what you can do next!
  • If you are creating a multi-user blog, use this time to add users and set up your navigation structure.