WordPress Warriors in High School!

Browsing wading through the sea of newly created WordPress blogs throughout the High School, it’s evident some wonderful work is taking shape. I’ve just set up an RSS feed of all the WP blogs in High School for quick and easy viewing of what’s happening around the blogosphere at ISM. More about that later. (and Middle School – I’ll get to you very soon!)

ISM Netvibes RSS Feed

A few blogs caught my eye as examples of what is possible, even in these early stages. Whether they’ve incorporated images and videos, or a plethora of documents and presentations, or perhaps the regular posting and sheer volume of information provided, these teachers have already demonstrated proficiency with utilizing WordPress as an online learning tool.

And to reiterate, WordPress is not a mandatory tool for a class website. These are simply examples of how WP may be used as an option.

I recommend that you take a moment to view their efforts and perhaps gain inspiration and ideas from the various formats and media these teachers have presented through their blogs. (and these are by no means the only blogs that stand out!)

In no particular order:

Great work everyone. Hopefully this sharing of information will positively support and enhance the learning of ISM students school-wide!