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[…] […] 6.5 – 6.8.  You can download the syllabus from an earlier post by Ms van on this blog: category: Peabody, van Nooten  tags: combinatorics, probability, […] […]

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Elementary School Teachers Blog Too

It has been so wonderful to see how teachers across ISM are using blogs.  Currently, all teachers in the elementary school are using the blogs as a form of communication with parents.  The class blog serves as a “window” into the classroom.  In the past, every classroom teacher sent home a monthly class newsletter; the blogs have replaced this old form of communication and allow teachers to share events and learning as they happen.  The students are also learning how to interact with the blogs, and some grade 3 and 4 students are adding their own posts!  There are even some after school activities, such as Bamboo Shoots and Animarvelous, using a blog.  Below you will see a sample of blogs from across all levels of the elementary school.  We hope that this will offer a glimpse of all of the wonderful learning that is happening at the elementary level.  If you would like to see more examples of how teachers are using blogs in the elementary school, visit the ISM ES Blog to access links. 

Preschool                                 ECLC                                  
Grade 1                                         Grade 2                                
Grade 3                                   Grade 4                             
Art                                              Music                                             
PE                                                   ESL Grade 1        
Children’s Media Center Elementary ESL   
Bamboo Shoots                 Animarvelous