31 Cool Ways to Use Google Stuff in Education

This is a google presentation, you can create your own and embed them in your blogs just as I have done here. One of the fun things you can do is share the presentation with your students and then you can have them make comments in a ‘chat’ window. Click the “open in a new window button” (next to the page counter) and then click “View Together” (which appears at the right hand side of the bottom tool bar.)

(Incidentally, this presentation is embedded using the “Embed Iframe” plugin.)

Embedding Video from Vado Camera

Recording and embedding video from the VADO cameras is really easy as long as you have everything set up correctly.  The default Video Quality setting is HD +.  If you record your videos in this setting, the files will be too large to upload to your blog media library.  Changing the setting to VGA will allow a quality video recording and create a file size that can easily be uploaded to your media library.  Below is an example of a video recorded using the VGA setting.

  [quicktime width=”300″ height=”225″]http://mcgrathi.ism-online.org/files/2010/08/Sea-of-monsters-book-talk.mp4[/quicktime]

Change the video quality setting by holding down the MODE button on the side of the Vado.  The MODE button is the one that you would press to switch between video and camera.  Once you have changed the setting, record your video. 

Before you add video to your blog, make sure that you have activiated Viper’s Video Quicktags.  If you do not see the last three icon on the right, you will need to go to Settings, Video Quicktags and make sure that all of the boxes are ticked.  Then save your changes. 

You are now ready to embed video into your post. 

  1. Upload video into your media library. 
  2. Copy the URL for your video
  3. Paste it into the Quicktime plugin. ( Generic Video for Jing .swf videos.)


How to Install Calendar

WordPress does not make calendars for such things as homework as easy as it could or should be. One solution is to use a Google calendar. Here are the directions to insert a Google calendar into your blog. Many thanks to MS Math department for finding a solution.