Adding Flickr Slideshows to WordPress Posts

Flickr Slideshows are a powerful and visually attractive method for displaying photos. Rather than displaying a series of photos in a long post one by one, the slideshows offer you a chance to share multiple images with maximum impact in a small space.

[tylr-slidr userID=”” groupID=””][/tylr-slidr]

In order to display them, you’ll need to activate a plugin called, “Tylrslidr”, from the “Plugins” menu on the left side of your Dashboard.

Once activated, when you create a new post, you’ll see a small circular icon with “T|S”. Once clicked, this will open a window with various settings. This is where you would input either the Flickr ID (which is found via or the particular set you’d like to display.

In this case, above, I’ve chosen to display a set of photos from our trip to Angkor Wat, Cambodia. I simply selected the set and copied the URL from the address bar in the browser. Once pasted in, it displays as shown.

This would be a wonderful way of exhibiting student work, artwork, classroom activities, sports, community service, class trips, ICARE, and on and on!