3D Brain – An iPad App for Psychology

Here’s a post from Ms. Beetson’s use of a application called “3D Brain” for use with her Psychology students. Wonderful stuff!


I thought I was pretty clever when I stumbled across this app in my search for something to support the psych students whilst dissecting goats’ brains. Turns out this is a really well known app – and it was already installed on our school iPads ready to go.

The beauty of 3D Brain is not only how easy it is to use and how  clearly you can see the parts of the brain (it helped us locate the thalamus, hypothalamus and hippocampus really easily), but the descriptions of the functions of different parts of the brain were especially helpful in connecting to the unit on biological psychology.

Produced by an edu – these people know what they are doing. The students loved it – in the follow up lesson I had trouble getting them to give the ipads up. I was most impressed, though, by the links given to recent (reputable journal) articles relating to this aspect of psychology.  So easy to use, plus we now have a bank of recent research to refer to throughout the course.

iPads in HS English: 10th Grade Literary Analysis Visual Project

Ms. Mazarakis’ Grade 10 students integrated iPads as a wonderful tool for enhancing their literacy analysis visual project. I snapped a few photos of the works in progress, but I recommend viewing the final student work below. Check out the full project via this link. 

Ms. Mazarakis’ introduction to the project:

10th Grade Literary Analysis Visual Project:

“Students created Google presentations to practice their skills of literary analysis.  Each slide in the presentation has three components: a rich excerpt taken from a short story, analysis of a literary element within the excerpt, and a visual representation created using Paper 53 on the iPads.  Students worked collaboratively to create the presentation in class, taking turns typing the text on laptops and working with the iPads to create images.  The novelty of the iPads definitely increased their enthusiasm for the assignment.  We were all impressed with the professional quality and originality of the artwork that resulted from using this app!

Many thanks to the 10th grade English team who collaboratively created this project—my contribution was simply to add iPads into the mix!”

Most active MS and HS ISM blogs in 2010

Photo by Stefan

Image by Stefan

Twenty ten is only 5 weeks in, and yet there’s been a flurry of activity on some of the MS and HS WordPress blogs here at ISM. It’s wonderful to see so many teachers utilizing this tool for communication and collaboration. Here’s a quick list for some of the most active blogs thus far in 2010:

High School

Middle School

Lab and Cart Bookings

When you book the labs or carts remember to put the following information:

BiggarF – Grade 9 –  1091 (12 laptops) – Using word to make posters.

(When booking a lab, you don’t need to include the lab number, and no, the colour coding isn’t necessary 🙂

Aside from helping us locate the laptops, this will help us plan future acquisitions of both hardware and software and give us a realistic picture of how we are using technology at ISM.


How to Use the Laptop Carts

•    Carts must be managed by teachers and teachers only, no student may push the cart.

•    Keys for the cart can be picked up from the previous user or the HS Office.

•    Keys for the cart will be kept at all times around the teachers neck.

•    Once the computers have been distributed, the remaining machines, if any, should be locked inside the cart.

•    Carts will be picked up by the teacher at the start of their lesson, either from the previous user or from the faculty tower. Cart #1 will be kept on the 4th floor and Cart #2 on the 3rd.

•    When picking up the cart, the borrowing teacher should check to see that everything is present before leaving the faculty tower or the previous user’s room.

•    At the end of the lesson, the laptops should be returned to their correct slot in the cart and plugged in.

•    If, at the end of the lesson, no teacher comes to collect the cart, it is to be returned to the faculty tower, locked in the appropriate place and plugged-in so that the machines may charge. The keys should be returned directly to the HS Office.

•    Carts can be booked online in the same manner as the computer labs, please mention your name, where the laptops will be used and finally what they wil be used for, the same as on the sign in sheet. eg biggarf 2067 google earth.

•    When collecting the cart, the teacher will complete the sign-out sheet so that we can track usage and keep the machines in a good working order.

•    The borrowing teacher is responsible for all items contained in the cart, including wires, routers etc.