Powerschool, Microsoft, Reports & the Silly Season

While we have been promised the next version of Powerschool will fix the issue (when have you heard that before?) Mike Dickinison has some words of wisdom…

….getting annoyed and frustrated with PowerSchool’s and Microsoft’s inability to talk to each other.

Yes – I’m talking about the ‘apostrophes’, “quotes” and -hyphens- being changed into ?question marks? as you paste your reports from MS Word into your Gradebook.

NEED AN EASY SOLUTION? Well easy-ish anyway. Try this.

Before you start to type your semester comments in MS Word


1. In MS Word click Tools -> “Autocorrect Options” (you may need to linger a moment so that the full dropdown menu reveals itself)


2. Select the “AutoFormat As You Type” tab.

3. Uncheck the top 4-5 boxes (the ones you want to stop autoformatting).

4. Click OK and give it a try by typing something containing quotes, hyphens and apostrophes and pasting into your gradebook.




PS – Just reverse this if you want to have MS Word autoformat for you
again after your reports are written

Creating a Shortcut Directly To PowerTeacher Gradebook On Your Desktop

If you want quick access to your PowerTeacher gradebook it is possible to load it without first going to the portal, logging into PowerTeacher portal and then launching the gradebook. Here’s how:

  • Click the link below this should open cryptic looking code in a browser window.  Then click File Save As to save the attached Java Launch file to your desktop.
  • Double-click the file on your desktop and it starts loading your gradebook.
  • It will ask you which school you want to log into (choose the appropriate grade level).
  • It will also ask for your PowerSchool username and password,
  • Click “Login”, and that will load the gradebook directly.  

This will also work from your home computer, i.e. you don’t need to log in to school in order to access your PowerSchool data.

Click here to open the shortcut.  Then File Save As to our desktop.  Enjoy !!!