Prezi Updated!

Prezi, the popular online presentation tool, has updated some of their features.

Some major changes have been made to help correct Prezi’s major drawbacks:

  • Seasickness: now much smoother smoothing and panning
  • Necessity to use visible frames to group ideas topics: now able to use hidden frames

Check out the Prezi below to see the knew changes in action. (Click on More and Fullscreen in the Prezi)


Embedding YouTube Videos into Prezi

Teachers have asked about how to embed a YouTube video into their Prezi presentations. There are instructions in the Prezi manual under the learn tab at The method essentially requires two steps:1) downloading the video from YouTube in the correct format 2) embedding into the Prezi.

Downloading from YouTube and saving as an FLV file

There a number of ways to do this. Here is just one that is straightforward and sure to work.

Step #1 Go to YouTube and find the video required. Copy the URL of that video page.

Step #2 Go to Paste the URL in the menubar. Click Download.


Step #3 Download the FLV file

keepvid 2

Step #4 Lastly, embedding the video into your Prezi is straightforward- Use Media then File as you would insert a picture.