Simple Solutions to View All Text and Plug-ins when Composing a Post

Since we upgraded to the latest version of Word press, you may have noticed that when you are creating a new post, you might not be able to see all of the text or plug-in buttons.  There are several ways to fix this problem so you can easily add new posts.  One way is to create your post in the HTML tab instead of the Visual Tab. You can also press the Full Screen Mode Button.  To exit the Full Screen Mode you just need to select the button again.  The other way is to collapse the Publish menu and Categories menu that appears on the right had side of the dashboard when you are drafting a post.  The images below will give you a visual of what you need to do.  If you continue to have any trouble, be sure to ask the IT people in your division.

Microsoft Word won’t let me Cut and Paste . . . (enabling macros)

Alan Maclean put together a this post for his students. I thought it may be helpful to teachers as well.

Are you getting this message?

Follow these steps to enable macros:
1. Go to the Micrsoft Office Menu and select ‘Word Options’ at the bottom.

2. Select ‘Trust Center’ in the left pane.
3. Click on the button ‘Trust Center Settings’ on the right.

4. Select the option ‘Enable all macros’
5. Save your document and close Microsoft Word.
6. Open Microsoft Word again and you will be able to Cut and Paste!