Tagxedo is a tool that you can use to turn words into art.  It is similar to wordle in that you can create word clouds using text from a specific URL or text that you add.   Both tools allow you to choose font, layout and style.  Tagxedo offers more choices when creating your word cloud.

To add words to  a word cloud you can enter a url, twitter ID news keyword, search term, or RSS Feed.  You can also enter your own text.  I created the following word cloud using the URL of this blog.

All words are from this blog site- I just entered the URL

A few of the shape options

Using tagxedo, you can make a unique word cloud in minutes.  Once you have a group of words that you want to use, the real fun begins.  You will want to choose the shape of your layout.  You are also able to choose the font and theme.  After you create your customized word cloud, you are able to save this in a variety of ways.   (I did try to use the html code to embed the image into the blog, but it didn’t work.)

Do you need some ideas on how you can use this tool?  If so, have a quick look at this presentation,  101 Ways to Use Tagxedo